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Modern effective solution for keeping money. Safe, profitable and convenient payment.

1. Benefits

■ Benefit and secure with high interests: Only the account holders or the authorized people are informed of the account information.

■ Profitable: Interest will be calculated based on attractive periodical interest rate (See the interest rate table). Especially, PG Bank offers many preferences to the regular customers who hold long-term deposit account with high value transaction.

■ Convenient:

  • Through non-cash means of payment like: cheque, payment order, encashment order, remittance, salary payment through bank accounts, credit cards.
  • Balance can be used as pledge, guarantee for loan request or financial commitment.
  • Regarding deposit account in foreign currencies, customers can convert to VND according to the exchange rates presented in the daily exchange rate table.
  • Regarding current account or other periodical deposit account, customers can utilize the balance after blockade as pledge, guarantee for loan request or other financial commitments.

■ Fast: It takes only 5 minutes to open and activate a deposit account

2. Eligibility

  • Vietnamese organizations set up and operating legally in Vietnam;
  • Foreign organizations operating legally in Vietnam;
  • Vietnamese or foreign individuals from 18 years old who are legally living, studying and working in Vietnam.

3. How to apply

■ Regarding organizations

  • Business registration
  • Appointing decisions of Director, Chief accountant and other authorized people (if any)
  • A copy of ID card or passport of person who has the authorized signature on the Account Opening Request
  • The account opening request of PG Bank with the signature of the authorized person
  • Other documents (tax code registration, company’s regulations)

■ Regarding individuals

  • ID card or passport in validity (certified copies)
  • The account opening request of PG Bank with the signature of the authorized person
  • Minimum deposit: 200.000 VNĐ/ 200 USD

4. Types of deposit account

■ Demand deposit account: Customers can top up, withdraw, receive transferred money, extract money from the account at any time. Every month, customers will receive the interest calculated based on the demand interest rate on a due date.

■ Time deposit account: When opening a time deposit account, customers will receive a PG Bank sample of confirmation note/ deposit contract which contains detailed information on the deposit term and the interest rates.

Customers can withdraw both the principal and the credit interest at maturity. The interest is calculated based on the agreed rates. Customers who want to withdraw the money prior to maturity will get the interest at a lower rate than the original deposit rate regulated by PG Bank.

When the deposit contracts are at maturity, customers can choose one of the following options:
Convert principal plus interest into new deposit term which has the same period as the initial term or another term according to the agreements. PG Bank will transfer the entire principle and interest to customers' current account held at the bank.

You are expected to discuss with PG Bank and decide on your options when you come to deposit the money.