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Flexicard Introduction

Petrolimex Group Bank is proud to introduce Flexicard the superior, cash-free, multifunctional and multipurpose payment means for gas payment to appear for the first time ever in Vietnam.


  • Two in one: The Flexicard encrypting two different functions in one card provides customers with advantadges and flexibity. Customers can choose to use either the debit or prepaid function to pay for services
  • Chip technology integrated: Flexicard applies the most modern card technology – contactless chip technology. It reduces to the minimum the possibility of card theif and data copying, providing customers with high level of security and safety.
  • Attractive promotion programs: by using Flexicards, customers will be benefited from many promotion program as well as bonus points exchange introduced by PG Banks and its partners.


Flexicard’s superious advantages ensures cardholders’ satisfaction due to the following reasons:

  • Extremely fast and convenient transactions: thanks to the contactless chip technology – the most modern technology currently.
  • Flexicard can be owned and used at any time, anywhere: Customers can have Flexicard issued at any PG Bank’s transaction point. Besides, thanks to the prepaid function, cards can be issued anonymously at gas stations without registration information or a bank account.
  • Wide usage: Flexicard can be used at any PG Bank’s POS (at supermarkets, restaurants, etc.) to pay for many kinds of expenses. Especially, Flexicard is the only card accepted at Petrolimex’s country-wide gas stations.
  • Meaningful gift for customers and friends: Flexicard is a meaningful and practical gift showing one’s care to the receiver.
  • Simple cash withdrawal: Besides PG Bank’s ATM’s and branches, customers can also withdraw cash at any of Petrolimex’s gas station.
  • Benefits as members of “Valued Customers” program: Cardholders will save bonus points during the Flexicard usage to exchange for meaningful and useful gifts.
  • Useful financial management means: Flexicard helps cardholders to keep track and control their spending through invoices and transaction statements.