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Flexicard News

PG Bank and Topcare Plaza issuing co-branded card

PG Bank has teamed up Topcare Plaza for offering co-branded card named "PG Bank - Topcare".

Being designed on the basis of Flexicard, the card is divided into several types including Friendly card, Golden card, Diamond card and VIP card. The co-branded card owners will enjoy benefits from customer care program of both PG Bank and Topcare.

Under this contract, PG Bank will issue 80.000 link cards for Topcare in the timeline from 10/28/2010 to 31/12/2013 to serve customers of the associate brand partner. Besides that, Flexicard will be acceptable at any POS of Topcare. Customers can use the card for every goods purchase.

PG Banks expects, through the cooperation like this, PG Bank will take steps to expand POS system over the country and complete Flexicard utilities as well.

Số lượt đọc:  79  -  Ngày đăng:  03:23' PM - Thứ ba, 07/06/2011
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