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A safe, cut and dry method of saving money is PG Bank. PG Bank offers customers a set interest for the amount of money customers deposit per month.

1. Benefits

  • High interest rates
  • Flexible savings methods
  • High security, information kept confidentially.
  • First-class service with simple and quick procedures
  • The savings can be used as pledge, guarantee for loan request, financial commitments or discount for before-maturity withdrawal
  • The balance can be used to confirm customers' financial capacity
  • At-home savings/withdrawal service provided
  • Trade promotion programs

2. Eligibility

Vietnamese or foreign individuals at 18 years old and above who are legally living, studying and working in Vietnam.

3. How to apply

  • Bring ID card or passport in validity when visiting any transaction offices of PG bank and get the instructions from the tellers
  • Minimum deposit: 1.000.000 VNĐ/ 100 USD

4. Types of savings

Normal savings deposit: Customers are offered various options of deposit terms: non-periodic, 1 month, 2 months,… 24 months. The interest is calculated and added into the principal at the end of the term. At the term end, if customers do not withdraw interest and principal, a new term will automatically start. Customers who want to withdraw the money prior to maturity will enjoy a lower interest rate than the maturity rate according to the regulations of PG Bank. In the middle of the term, customers who want to top up the accounts will have a separate deposit confirmation. The deposit period will be calculated from the deposit date.

Savings deposit with flexible fund withdrawal: Interest will be automatically added into the principal at the end of the term and automatically at maturity. However, during the deposit time, customers who want to withdraw part of the principal before maturity day will enjoy the interest rate applied to demand deposit. The periodic rate is still applied to the rest of the account balance on the starting day of the prolonged period

Savings deposit with interest paid periodically (monthly/quarterly): This savings deposit is just a perfect solution for customers who need the interest of the savings to cover monthly/quarterly expenses. This is because customers do not have to wait until maturity day to withdraw the interest. Other regulations are the same as those of other savings deposits.

Savings deposit with interest paid upfront: Customers can receive the interest right from the beginning of the deposit. But the rate of return is lower than that of the deposit which has the same tenor but allows its users to withdraw money only at maturity. Customers are not allowed to withdraw part of or the principle before maturity day. The deposit that customers do not withdraw at maturity will be transferred to the next term.

Tiered savings deposit: The more and the longer customer deposit, the higher the rate of return is. The interest is added to the principal at the end of the term and if not withdrawn at maturity, the balance is automatically transferred to next term.

Progressive savings deposit: Every one or two months or a certain period of time, customers are allowed to deposit a certain sum of money to the existing balance though their passbooks are not yet at the maturity date. Consequently, during the deposit term, the principal will increase instead of being constant as in other types of savings. The interest is also calculated based on that increase principal. But the rate of return is lower than that of common deposits. You are not allowed to withdraw money before maturity date. At maturity, interest will be calculated on the balance based on the demand rate of return.

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