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At PG Bank, corporate customers can easily access both traditional working capital lending and specialized products suitable to their types of business.

1. Benefits

  • Flexible and various types of loans meeting customers’ demands
  • Reasonable and competitive lending interest rate with thorough consultancy
  • Assets taken shape from the loan can be used as the guaranteed assets for the same loan
  • Customers can use the asset generated from the loan as the collateral.

2. Eligibility

For customers who have:

  • Legal capacity and permanent residence in Vietnam
  • Legal and clear objectives in using capital
  • Good financial performance
  • No overdue dept at other credit organizations,
  • Effective and profitable business plans enclosed by sound repayment plan
  • Relevant collaterals to PG Bank's regulations

3. Collaterals

  • Assets generated from the loan can be used as the guaranteed assets for the same loan
  • Real estate: Lands, houses...
  • Movables: goods, machinery, transport vehicles....with necessary insurances
  • Savings books, deposit account balance, certificate of deposit account
  • Stocks and other commercial papers
  • Other appropriate assets with legal proprietary documents

4. Type of corporate loans

Loan for adding liquid capital: This is an ideal solution if:

  • Customers need money for production expansion or capital supplement
  • Customers are finishing a project and need money to pay salary for the staff, buy construction material for a newly-signed project.

After estimating capital demand and considering customers’ profiles, PG Bank will provide part of the needed capital.

Customers who do not have frequent demand for floating capital or the trading cycle is short should utilize the one-time lending. Otherwise, customers should register for lending on credit line.

The loan term is calculated based on the circulation of capital and cannot go beyond 12 months.

Loan by investment project: Customers have a practical and effective plan of purchasing equipments, cars, means of transportation; warehouse construction and upgrading agreed by the Management Board or founding members.

PG Bank can lend customers up to 70% of the project value (with satisfactory collaterals). The maximum loan term depends on the payback period of the project and your ability of repayment. In this case, customers are advised to apply for a long term loan which can be repaid gradually.

Loan for international/ domestic payment: PG Bank will help customers stick to the commitment with the seller (domestic/international) on timely and full payment before the receipt of the consignment.

After receiving and selling the entire consignment, customers can repay for the Bank. Customers can use the consignment itself as the mortgage asset and apply the relevant “Money in, commodity out” model.

5. How to apply

Customers need at least 3 sets of files including:

  • Legal entity proving documents
  • Investment project
  • Documents on business situation and financial ability

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