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Interest products

A Single Currency Interest Rate Swap (IRS) is an exchange of cash flows between two counter parties at predetermined specifications. It is an obligation between them for exchange of interest payments or receipts on investments, in the same currency on an agreed amount of notional principal at regular intervals, over an agreed period of time.

1. Desciption

Swaps can broadly be classified into two types:

Fixed to Floating: Customer receives cash flows at a fixed rate of interest and simultaneously pays cash flows at a floating rate of interest or vice versa. The cash flows are calculated on a Notional Principal amount. The floating rate of interest is usually determined by reference to a transparent benchmark.

Floating to Floating: Both the counter-parties exchange interest amounts based on two different floating reference rates, through the life of the swap.

2. Eligibility

Economic organizations and credit organizations made original transactions in accordance with the provisions of Vietnamese law.

3. Benefit

  • Prevent the interest rate risk
  • Determine the financial costs to actively manage payment plan.
  • Bring attractive profits with competitive fee
  • Quick, convenient and dedicated customer caring service
  • Consult and update information about market change

4. How to apply

Required documents:

  • Certificate of business registration and establishment license
  • The seal, signature of customers and authorized transaction staffs
  • The formal payment guideline
  • Latest audited financial statements
  • Contracts of credit, financial leasing or deferred purchasing , etc.

For detail, customers contact to:
Money Market Desk
Tel : 844-62811298 Ext: 126-166 / 844-62812738
Email :

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