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1. Benefits

  • Reasonable and flexible fee and charges
  • Preferable policies (regular customers)

2. Eligibility

  • Vietnamese or foreign organizations set up and operating legally in Vietnam;
  • Eligible cooperative farms and credit organizations.
  • Vietnamese or foreign individuals from 18 year olds who are legally living, studying and working in Vietnam;
  • Foreign organizations taking part in cooperating contracts in Vietnam;

3. Guarantee conditions

Customers have full legal capacity and capacity for civil acts as stipulated by the Law.

Objectives of guarantee request are legal

Customer can provide legal guarantee assets: depending on the actual situation, PG Bank and customers will discuss whether to apply guarantee methods including: escrow, pledge, mortgage, warranty by the third party’s assets and other methods.

In case the guaranteed party is a foreign organization/individual, besides the above conditions, customers need to comply with the regulations on foreign borrowing and repayment management; foreign loan and debt recovery, foreign exchange management and other related regulations.

Customers already have deposit account at PG Bank;

4. Guarantee level

To determine the guarantee level, besides the demand of customers, PG Bank has to take into consideration the value of collaterals and the customer’s ability to fulfill the obligations.

How to apply:

  • Guarantee request ( PG Bank's form)
  • Documents proving customer's legal capacity, capacity of civil acts and the authority of the representative.
  • Documents related to guaranteed obligation
  • Report on business situation and financial ability
  • Documents on collaterals.

Types of guarantee

Loan guarantee: PG Bank offers guarantee to clear all the debts for customers who cannot manage to pay any/all of the debts on time

Payment guarantee: PG Bank guarantees to help customers make full and timely payments to the sellers.

Contract bidding guarantee: With this guarantee of PG Bank, you will be supported to fulfill the obligations set by the auctioneer. In case you are fined for bidding regulation violating but cannot manage to pay the fine for the auctioneer, PG Bank will carry out its guarantee duty.

Guarantee for contract performance: PG Bank guarantees to help you fulfill all the obligations of the contract to the other parties in case you are incapable of doing so. This guarantee is applied to all contracts except for loan ones.

Advance reimbursement Guarantee: (advance, deposit guarantee): PG Bank helps you to reimburse the advance for the buyers according to the signed contract in case you cannot afford to make the payments.

Guarantee for product quality: (insurance guarantee): PG Bank issues the guarantee program to help you carry out the quality requirements on the contract of providing goods for the buyers and cover the fine for contract violation.

How to apply:

  • Guarantee request (PG Bank’s form)
  • Documents verifying customers’ legal capacity and civil acts capacity, the representative’s authority.
  • Documents related to guarantee obligations
  • Reports on business situation and financial capacity
  • Collaterals’ profile and documents verifying legality and present value of collaterals.

Co-guarantee: PG Bank can cooperate with one or many credit organizations to guarantee for your obligations.

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