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Consumer Loans

The loans up to 70% of the investment expenses for buying/ building real estate, buying car or other assets with reasonable lending interest rate.

1. Benefits


  • The loans up to 70% of the investment expenses for buying/ building real estate, buying car or other assets with reasonable lending interest rate.
  • Customers can get the loan in the maximum time of 3 days since the reception of required documents.
  • The loan can be paid by monthly or quarterly installment payment depending on personal income. Repayment time is flexible and can be prolonged.

Safe: Customers will receive the reliable consultancy from PG Bank

Convenient: The payment method and schedule are made flexibly upon the customer's abilities and demands

2. Eligibility

Individuals who have full legal capacity and permanent residence in Vietnam
Individuals who have legal and stable income and are able to verify repayment ability
Individuals who have satisfactory collaterals for the loan and contribute at least 30% of the project value.

3. Collaterals

Lands, houses and other real estate with legal proprietary documents
Cars or other transport vehicles...with necessary insurances
Savings books, deposit account balance, certificate of deposit account
Stocks and other commercial papers
Other appropriate assets

Customers are expected to show documents to verify the legal ownership of the collaterals, complete the pledge and mortgage procedures with PG Bank. Customers can mortgage by the third party’s asset.

4. Type of individual consumption loan

Loan for house purchase: Customers can borrow up to 70% of the value of the house (if customers have the satisfactory collaterals). The loan terms vary according to customers’ ability to discharge the liability (applied to customers who have sales contracts, housing deposit paper confirmed by local. Regarding apartments and ploted house the sales contract and periodical invoices are required.

Loan for house construction and repairs: Loan value can be up to 70% of the project value (if customers have the satisfactory collaterals); loan terms vary according to the schedule of the project and customers’ income source).

Loan for car purchase: You need car sales contract/papers, confirmation of registration transfer regarding used cars). Customers can secure the loan by the car itself. The maximum loan value is 70% for brand new cars and 50% for used cars. The maximum loan term is 48 months.

Overseas Study Loan: Customers need to provide documents verifying the fees: school fees/ notice from the overseas education institutions or admission-related documents.

5. How to apply

  • Loan request and business plan (PG Bank's form)
  • ID card, family record book, marriage certificate
  • Documents proving payment source: job decision, salary decision, labor contract, business contract, financial report...(varied by customer)
  • Legal proprietary documents of guaranteed assets.

Loans for expanding individual/ family business

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