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Benefits of using Flexicard

Flexicard with its outstanding features brings loads of benefits to cardholders, enterprises and the society.

For cardholders:

  • Able to use modern, convenient and flexible non-cash means of payment at card-accepting sites (supermarkets, hotels, restaurants, … and especially Petrolimex gas stations countrywide) and withdraw cash at ATMs
  • Transfer money to families, friends quickly
  • Able to use a safe, quick time saving means of payment at gas stations.
  • Able to conduct many transactions (topup, withdraw, fund transfer, balance check,…) at card-accepting spots.
  • No need to bring a big amount of money when going on business or for pleasure. PG Bank guarantees to support cardholders in case of lost/stolen cards
  • Effective financial control: through monthly reports
  • Enjoy promotion, preferences, discounts when buying goods/services at card-accepting spots.

For enterprises:

  • Avoid risks and loss, save time and personel in salary payment
  • Salary information security
  • Manage cost of petrol easily, safely and effectively.
  • Enjoy preferences offered by PG Bank: giving presents in “Frequent Client” program, providing credit in “Lending staff”, “Lending managers”, “consumption lending” programs, etc.

For the society:

Flexicard issued by PG Bank plays an important role in the society’s development:

  • Modern and civilized
  • Cost-saving
  • Secure

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