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About Us
Vision and Business strategy

To become a leading commercial joint-stock bank offering outstanding quality financial and banking services based on highly competent and dedicated personnel, and a world-class technology.


Moving towards a multi-functional banking model, in which giving priority to and applying differentiation strategy in the fields that PG Bank has competitive advantages:

  • Corporate banking: target at major shareholders and the shareholders’ clients and partners, small and medium enterprises.
  • Retail banking: focus on individual & household businesses
  • Investment banking: provide investment banking services to corporate customers

Corporate Culture

To maintain the sustainability of the Bank’s achievements, especially in the fast changing and highly competitive business environment, PG Bank has strived to create and reinforce the Bank’s own unique corporate culture, which evolves around five core values:
  • Compliance
  • Responsibility
  • Creativeness
  • Professionalism
  • Efficiency-orientation

Logo Meaning

"The logo of PG Bank is meant to represent the dynamic, modern and “high-tech” characteristics of the Bank.
The two streaks of light bear the two colors that identify Petrolimex, giving off a feel of the continuous movements forward of the Bank, seeking to seize the opportunities that emerge from the financial market. The two light streaks moving together also symbolize the strong bond and great cooperation within the Bank, which play crucial parts in preserving the success of the Bank."

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