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Strategic Shareholders
► Vietnam National Petroleum Corporation (Petrolimex)

Vietnam National Petroleum Group (Petrolimex) is the biggest shareholder of PG Bank, currently holds 40% of charter capital. Petrolimex is one of key state groups with the given economic and political responsibilities of ensuring and developing the state capital as well as playing the main role in regulating, stabilizing and developing the petroleum market and refinery products to proactively service the industrialization and modernization process of the country. At present, the Group provides 50% of domestic oil and gas market with nation-wide network of 6,100 group-owned stations and retail-owned stations under the brand name of Petrolimex. Besides the core business, Petrolimex also invested in other fields, such as designing, mechanics, insurance, banking, etc and achieved great success.

In the six months in 2016, the total revenue of Petrolimex reached VND 91.684 mil VND. Consolidated Net income was 7.456 mil VND , increased 213 mil VND compared to 2015 (7.243 mil VND).

The operational network includes:


• 01 Head office
• 55 subsidiaries including 43 domestic petroleum limited companies and 12 other subsidiaries
• 10 associated companies
• 01 joint ventures


• 01 limited company in Singapore
• 01 limited company in Laos
• 01 representative office in Cambodia

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